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The Endless Journey Of Life

From The Eyes Of This Crazy Lion

Rio Maikah Thor
14 June 1991
Name: Rio Maikah Thor
Code: Ninja Lion
Age: 19
Height: 6"1
Weight: 180 lbs

I'm 6'1 sand brown furred Lion, white oval fur spots are underneath my chin and my eyes. I have a not full grown mane yet, I would estimate halfway there, and its dark brown. My eyes are blue, occasionally turning yellow from some unknown circumstances. One could argue that Its my chi and the color changes at certain moments, another would say I'm possessed by a demon. I'm pretty athletic, and I weigh 180 pounds. A little muscle is seen from my shoulders to my shins. I am a Ninja In training. I have lots more to learn. So my clothes are just an all black and loose, I have a hood that I cover my face occasionally. I have No scars, no piercings, and no tattos. The Paws of my tops and bottoms are black, as well as my nose. My tail matches my fur, the tuft matches my mane.